David Quasius- Concrete Sculptor
AKA Davinoff
​​Making and Sharing Concrete Sculptures
Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden
Grand Cayman
Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden is located near Old Man Bay, Grand Cayman
Davinoff's Concrete Sculpture Garden is  a concrete park located on the grounds of the former Tom and Janie Thomas residence on the North Side of Grand Cayman. The  house and grounds are currently owned by the extended Schott family who generously allow the Park in their front yard.
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Free Parking... Free Admission 
The Park can be found when traveling from Old Man Bay toward East End on Old Robin Road.  The Park can be seen from the highway. The Concrete Park provides great photo opportunities for visitors and receives great attraction reviews on TRIPADVISOR.

Great Photo Opportunities

This is a small privately owned concrete sculpture park, on private property, open free to the public. It is a quick stop on Grand Cayman's  North Side when driving around the island. The Park is especially kid friendly. The Park provides both adults and children with great picture opportunities of themselves with larger than life concrete animals. 
​Constructed in 2010 in collaboration with Leo Verrett, an artist from Minnesota, this was the first of the large concrete sculptures in the Park. 
Jurassic Park Grand Cayman
Most sculptures depict larger than life animals that can be found on the island or waters of Grand Cayman. Children visiting the Park have lots of fun interacting with them. Adults, too!

About the Concrete Sculptures

I had so much fun making these sculptures. It is particularly fun visiting with people in the Park and watching and listening to kids running and laughing from one super-sized sculpture to another.
Things to Know:
  • I started with smaller pieces in 1999 and  gradually worked my way up to the later larger sculptures
  • The sculptures are made of concrete applied to an armature of rebar and expanded metal mesh
  • The larger pieces take about 7 weeks to make
  • They are constructed in place
  • They are made on a concrete slab
  • The outside  1 inch coat is a cement/sand mortar mix
  • In total they weigh 1,500 to 2,000 pounds
People from all over the world stop and enjoy having their picture taken with the sculptures.